Deciding on Your Dream Wedding Style – A Guide to Wedding Styling


Every couple wants their special day to be unique and represent their love story. Getting married is one of the most significant milestone events in anyone’s life, and it should be celebrated in style with your nearest and dearest. 


Wedding styling is a significant aspect of creating a dream wedding, but most couples do not know where to start regarding their wedding design. Choosing a wedding style is a vital process that can shape your wedding day’s entire feel and look. Therefore, this guide will discuss what wedding styling entails and how to find your perfect wedding style.


Wedding styling is the art of creating an atmosphere for your wedding that is unique to you. This entails incorporating your personalities, preferences, and shared values into every detail of your wedding day. These details range from colour palettes and flower choices and even down to the most minor details, such as cutlery or stationery. A well-styled wedding is an expression of a couple’s journey together.


The first step to finding your wedding style is researching. Research can range from exploring social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, talking to friends and family, or attending wedding expos and events. Based on these findings, create a mood board of all the elements that intrigue you. A mood board is a visual representation of your desired style and will help you to communicate with your designers and vendors easily.


Once you have a rough idea of what style you want, narrow down your options and focus on choosing the colours, décor, and attire that best suits you. Explore different colour palettes and styles, such as rustic, vintage, romantic, and minimalist. Seek inspiration from your daily surroundings, such as your home decor or closet, and apply them to your wedding planning.


The third step is to incorporate your personalities and values – what is meaningful to you, and how can you express it through your wedding style? For instance, you can create a menu that features your favourite foods or donate to a worthy cause rather than put wedding favours on the table. You can also choose to incorporate a family tradition as part of your wedding ceremony or create a personalised sign that tells your love story.


Lastly, it is essential to consult a professional wedding planner or designer. Having a wedding planner can ease the burden of wedding planning, help you make informed decisions, and recommend vendors that align with your preferences. A wedding planner will help you understand how to bring your desired wedding style to life.


Planning a wedding can be daunting, but choosing a wedding style that best represents you and your partner is one of the most rewarding experiences. 


Wedding styling is all about capturing your unique story and expressing it in every detail of your special day. Through research, exploration, and collaboration with your wedding planner, finding the perfect wedding style is achievable. 

Remember, it’s your special day, so ensure that you tailor it to suit your and your partner’s unique personalities and preferences. Let’s create something beautiful!


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Happy days x