When choosing wedding flowers, it is natural to feel overwhelmed. With so much to plan – from colour palettes to varieties to design – it can often feel like a monumental task. But remember, flowers are supposed to spark happiness and deliver beauty, so the process should be enjoyable. When we work with couples, I have a few fail-safe tips I share with them that should help everything fall into place.  

  1. Only ever choose flowers that feel like ‘you’. Your wedding day should be an extension of your unique style, so try to avoid spending hours scrolling on Pinterest. Your perfect flowers will always be your personal favourites, fact. 
  2. Wedding flowers should feel timeless, but that doesn’t have to mean traditional. Avoid tapping into fads or anything too trend-led, and let a classic tonal palette that feels true to you be your guide. The best wedding flowers are those that feel current, whatever the decade. 
  3. Seasonality is everything. Seasonal flowers are the kindest to the planet; they will also look and feel the most beautiful on your day. Do your research, then celebrate the varieties that are in season whatever month your wedding is planned.

Planning a floral design that works

Creating a show-stopping floral moment is important, but not to the detriment of curating a day that works in practice. Your flowers should fit around your guests, not the other way round. I believe wedding centrepieces can wow in many forms, and the largest isn’t always the most impressive! Here are some critical thoughts to reflect on. 

  1. Even at more intimate weddings, you can create the illusion of a bountiful display with a few textural tricks. When working with bud vases, choose vessels of different heights, widths, and shapes to give your arrangement some depth – needless to say, one of our favourite hire suppliers, Major & Minor bud vases, is fabulous at this! In a similar spirit, bud vases look their best when filled with stems of different lengths and a mixture of dainty and blousy flowers. 
  2. Save those more significant show-stopper arrangements for strictly off the table. Practicality at any event is as important as aesthetic, so use these bolder displays for framing entrances or staircases and enjoy them at their most impactful.
  3. A cohesive venue is vital, and flowers play a massive part. Floral aspects should be borrowed from one another and followed throughout your intimate and grand details, from archways to button-holes! A venue that feels considered will always look polished, while one with too much going on will take away from the magic of your special day.

Find out which flowers are in season in New Zealand.

A question I often hear is – how do I know what is in season for my wedding dates? At Fantail Weddings, we have made it our mission to demystify floral seasonality. We like to think of it similarly to when buying fresh produce or groceries; those in season are as nature intended and will look their most vibrant, smell their most fragrant, and – importantly- have done minor damage to our planet. 

We are so blessed to have a year full of flowers that wows from January to December, with each month offering its take on botanical beauty. So, when choosing your wedding flowers, remember to work with the seasons, not against them. Need some inspiration?

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