Reasons why you must have a wedding planner

Ever been a fan of the show myth busters? We’re breaking the biggest myth of hiring a wedding planner- “hiring a wedding planner is throwing away money”. The truth is, bringing a wedding planner on-board is the best investment you can make in the journey of planning your wedding. Here’s why:

  • Hiring a wedding planner can actually help you save costs
    Planners can help you with your budget- not just keep things in the budget, but more importantly, help you plan the budget itself. They know what’s more important and what will have the least impact. A planner knows the ins and outs of wedding planning and can show you where not to spend your money.
    Not to mention vendor discounts. Planners are repeat business for these vendors, so they’re sure to get you discounts you wouldn’t even be aware of.
  • Most important reason – they can keep you stress-free
    Florists, caterers, wine vendors, location vendors, and a dozen more parties are involved in your big day. All of them will call you dozens of times each day, more and more so as the big day approaches.
    As a wedding party, you should be allowed to focus on the bigger picture rather than worrying about such details. It’s unnecessary stress.
  • A thousand tiny pieces
    Flowers and dresses are not what a wedding make. It’s tempting to think that wedding planning is all about picking out little luxuries like shopping for the wedding cake or picking out the perfect flower arrangement.
    A wedding, quite simply, is an event. And in an event, there are thousands of cogs that come together to make it look like everything is going smoothly. There will be too many details you’d be left to handle on your own if you decide against a wedding planner. Things like wedding guests’ pick up and drop off, accommodations for overnight guests, seating charts, payments, and much more. A planner can easily take all of this boring stuff right out of your hands. Aren’t they a godsend?
  • Things will go wrong at the last minute
    Things you’d never guess would fall short. There have been many instances of cake vendors messing up the order, or more guests arriving than those RSVP’d. A couple already has so many things to take care of, juggling all the tiny details is the last thing a couple should have to worry about on their big day. Wedding planners can winkle out all the unnecessary glitches to make your wedding flawless.

A wedding planner isn’t luxury, it’s a necessity. So allow yourself to make that investment in yourself and in your wedding. After all, you deserve to have the best wedding you’ve always imagined.