Wanaka Wedding Planning

Choosing a Wanaka wedding could be the best decision you have made in your relationship!

This location is blessed with picture perfect at every turn and with professional wedding vendors able to supply all requests, wedding planning in Wanaka is a breeze…..

As a wedding planner, I could be making it sound a little too easy. However, I want to make sure that couples can come to Wanaka from far and wide and enjoy a celebration that will supply a lifetime of perfect memories.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than first-timers to Wanaka enjoying my hometown. It is such a joy to see the beauty that I live with on daily bases being viewed for the first time, it makes me fall in love again and again with this special place.

While Wanaka is a very small town (6,700 permanent residences last count) and it is situated at the south end of the South Island of New Zealand, it packs a full punch on being able to deliver world-class everything. The town is a popular resort area year round with winters attracting snow bunnies and their love of mountain time on the ski slopes, while summers see the town swell in size as tourists and New Zealand holidaymakers flock to the lake to enjoy the pristine glacial feed waters. Being surrounded by mountains towering over 6,000ft high there are valleys and mountain passes to explore, rivers to fish, jet boat or walk up and endless spaces to hide away from it all.


Wanaka as a Wedding Destination

All these and many more reasons are great ones to choose Wanaka as a wedding destination.

I have had many clients choose Wanaka as their place to say “I do” without seeing it in real life until they land a few days before the big day. I have much respect for this, and realise that they are putting all their trust in me when I say that it will deliver, as a local I know this and believe that every time we have delivered.

I have the luxury of knowing the weather patterns, knowing who has the best deals on the ice and will deliver at 11:30pm when the bar is looking like it is going to run out and much more ‘only locals know’ knowledge. This is one massive advantage of having a Wedding Planner on your team.

I am all about sharing the knowledge and wanted to share some tips to help with planning a Wanaka wedding to help you either make the decision to come to Wanaka for your wedding chapter in your love story or if you are already down that wonderful path hopefully these tips will help on your day. Happy planning x

  • There are a few great resource websites that can give you details on vendors to reach out to for your research. Some but not all vendors are listed on these sites and offer an insight into their offers and how they can help you with your celebration. Please do your research and make sure that the vendors you are choosing are a good fit for you and they are going to deliver. We are very fortunate to work with vendors we trust and know are going to deliver every time.


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Some final Wanaka Wedding Planning tips…

It is fair to say that Wanaka is a popular spot to get married in and I have witnessed the increase in weddings year on year.

I personally think that it is great and as I mentioned earlier, I love to have new peeps come to town and enjoy the ‘specialness’ of the area. What this has created, is demand for resources like wedding venues, caters, and accommodation. “Book early” is the best advice I can give so as to avoid disappointment.

One vendor that gets booked up super fast and is I feel essential to having you look your best on the day is Pristine Steam. Neda and her team do an amazing job, but they are very limited in the numbers they are able to process. If you are travelling to Wanaka your dress and the groom’s suit is going to need some love to have it bounce back to wrinkle free. My advice is once you have confirmed your date send the Pristine Steam team an email and book in their time. Neda will come and collect from your accommodation, then drop back to you all while out enjoying adventures with your guests.

Prepare your guests for where they are heading!

While pictures speak a thousand words to visually prepare your guests for what they are going to encounter, (check out Lake Wanaka Tourism Instagram feed) it best to arm them with information galore. How to get to Wanaka and the best flights to take in making the most of their time in New Zealand are good starting places. We are blessed that night flights have opened up into the closest airport to Wanaka, Queenstown International Airport. While this is great, driving over the Crowne Range after a direct from Perth could be the last thing your guests need to be doing. Well prepared and informed guests are happy guests.

I trust that these tips help with your planning and that you enjoy the journey to your celebration. If it is all seeming a bit much, drop us an email and let’s chat about how we can help you out have the wedding you deserve. Happy Days x

**Photo supplied by Simon Darby – Wanaka  Photography