Summer Wedding Décor and Dress Trends

Summertime weddings bring in a great number of options for décor, styling, bridal dresses, food and settings. If you are planning a summer wedding, here are the best trends to opt for:

  • Go Neutral

Neutral shades have a charm that is unmatched! Go neutral for décor and styling with ivory and dull metallic colours taking the centre stage. Keep it a classic combination of wood with neutral shades like grey, ivory, pale pink and dull gold. The bride and groom must also wear neutral shades with minimal accessorizing and opt for trendier cuts and styles.

  • DIY Style

It’s time for a DIY style wedding during the summertime; especially watercolour styling. Be it the invites, centrepieces or even the name cards, keep it fun and colourful with watercolours and make it a brilliant DIY affair. Colors like rose gold, orange and tangerine are absolutely great for this theme. The bride and groom can also add a pop of colour to their wedding attire with bright flowers, shoes or accessories. Keep the creativity flowing!

  • Ditch White!

While the colour white automatically comes to mind when we talk about a wedding, summer trends bring in great alternatives. A lot of couples have been seen ditching the traditional white for other beautiful colours and shades. Even the white wedding dress is turning pink! If you are someone who likes to keep up with the trend, think beyond the classic white!

  • Nature and greenery

Nature and greenery continue to be favourites this year too. Bring in the beauty of natural flowers and greenery to make your wedding style natural yet classy. The bride can go short this summer and ditch the long gown for shorter and flirty dresses. Keep the bouquet bright and blooming!

  • Beach style

Beach style and theme weddings are big in summers. Cabana with flowing fabrics and lights, light food and sparkling wine and everything that brings in the fun and feel of the beach. Whether it’s a wedding holiday or creating a beach theme, beach style is sure to stay! It brings in the option for shorter and trendier wedding attires in light and flowing fabrics.

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Summertime in New Zealand brings in the perfect warmth to compliment the love in the air!

Photo by Brianna Santellan on Unsplash