What you need to do to create your own wedding website

Planning your wedding effectively will save you a lot of time and stress. Once you send the invites the ball really gets rolling. You have made a date and now you need to sort RSVP’s, the tiny things you may forget, see here to have some reminders on which these things may mean, and you need a place to keep track of things. A modern and new way to keep things all in one place is wedding websites.  You can easily change details to keep people up to date on and saves the chaos of a group chat etc. Now, this may seem overwhelming, the prospect of creating a website! Creating a website is not as hard as it looks, so let’s take a look at the things you can do to create an amazing site for your wedding.

When figuring out how to start the creative process of a wedding website it may be difficult to know where to start. We recommend that you just go for it! You do not need all of your details and information to be finalised to get started. The really only solid information you need is your date and location so they can save the date and they will know where to go. Let everyone know that more details will be coming soon and you can now get creative!

By this stage, you most likely have the theme for your wedding including your colour palette. You have spent a while organising this, so use it! Make your website cohesive with your theme and this will make sure there is no confusion. The site should make it clear.

Most websites sometimes give you an option to password-protect your site and we highly recommend this. Your wedding website will contain private information such as your venue location and the date. You do not want this information getting into the wrong hands, so passwording your website is a need. Customise your password to something your guests will know so they don’t forget it, ensuring you don’t get a million emails and that only your guests get your wedding whens and wheres.

It is basic wedding etiquette to not put your gift registry information on your invitations. Your wedding website is the perfect place to put this information. You can include links to the registry, or if you are asking for funds for a charity or your honeymoon you can include information regarding this as well. If the money is going somewhere sentimental then you have the opportunity to write a blurb about where the funds are going, so the guests can know where their money is going. See here to read more on wedding gift registries.

Chances are you have some wedding guests coming from out of your town. Whether they have left a couple of days on either side of your wedding to see your town or if you are getting ready for the ceremony, your guests will have a few hours to spare. It is a nice touch to add some recommendations for your guests who don’t live in your town of how they should be spending their time. Let your guests know your favourite coffee shops and your favourite things to do so they can experience what you love to do.

Your wedding website is not just a website, it is a memento of your special day and a means of communication. Your website should reflect you and the personality of your couple so add some of your flares. You can add whatever you want; photos, ‘about us’ section and some stories of how you met or even your engagement story. Make your wedding site not just useful but also unique and personal.

Not everyone has access to the internet or is constantly checking online. If you know of someone, maybe your grandmother who still is struggling to figure out the interwebs, or your cousin who’s laptop broke and hasn’t gotten round to fixing it, you need to let these people know that you are using a wedding website. Have a chat to them about what works best for them and maybe sending them some hard copies of the information will ensure they show up!

After the wedding, your wedding website is not dead! You can carry on using it after for photos, honeymoon updates and a thank you to all of your guests. It is, as said before, a beautiful memento of your special day. You have spent all this time working on it so why not keep it updated. But remember if you do post a ‘general’ thank you note this does not replace your individual written ones.

Your wedding planning is such an important time for you and your couples life. We would love to be a part of your creative process. Contact us here and we can start planning now! xx