Winter Wedding Décor and Dress Trends

The chill of winters invites all things warm and wonderful. Winter weddings have their own charm and mesmerizing feel that brings wedding guests closer, makes the hot food taste even better, spirits are gulped to keep warm and people look for warmth in the comfort of company and the environment of love. Let’s look at the best winter wedding décor and dress trends are here:

  • Barn Style

Barn style weddings are raging this winter 2017! Wooden elements, lanterns and lights infused with nature-inspired décor and styling look absolutely magical and are perfect for cold winter time weddings. The bride and groom can opt for traditional and classic wedding dresses to match the theme and also look stylish and keep warm. A touch of pure silk or pashmina shawl will be the perfect complimentary touch!

  • Boho Style

Boho themed weddings are perfect for winters because of the warm colours and beauty of flowers they bring in. The bride can wear a contemporary wedding dress with boots and add a flower tiara to compliment the boho theme. The groom can opt to skip the bow tie and wear a more casual yet stylish attire.

  • Fairytale wedding

Weddings are a fairytale affair and a theme to match the mood is perfect! Lots of white a pastel shades enhanced with lights and canopies are the perfect look for a winter fairytale

Wedding. The bride can wear opulent and flowing dresses or even 3D wedding dresses for the princes’ look, while grooms can opt for the classic bow tie to be a part of the theme.

  • Textured Touch

A lot of layers and textures will rule winter 2017 wedding trends. Be it the canopies or decor or even the bridal dress, textures are big this year. It’s a great trend for winter time that allows to bring in warmth mixed with elegance.

  • Garden Theme

For a daytime wedding ceremony look no further than the garden! A wedding décor amidst natural settings with the sun playing the lead role is perfect for weddings. A BBQ catering for a garden style wedding is the perfect option for winter time. Bring in the natural beauty of flowers and nature for the perfect setting. The bride can wear a feminine and flirty wedding dress with a cascading bouquet and the groom can be dressed in a light shade suit.

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Photo by Donna on Unsplash