There is nothing quite like a ride in the lap of luxury. I blame my Aunty for indulging my sister and I from a young age by driving us around the country side in a 1956 Rover for my car addiction!  It was so grand being bundled up in the massive back seat of Aunty Cath]]>

rop4-80The drive from your preparation to the i do’s is one of silent contemplation and a chance to get the nerves in check. Cocooned in a space of moving luxury makes this trip that bit more momentous.That last trip as a single girl deserves the royal treatment. We each have our own standard of what this is. In the past I have helped a bride arrive to meet her waiting groom on horse back, helicopter, quad bike and cars of various descriptions.

A wedding I am working on in November sees the bride arriving by Wedding Transportjet boat! Wedding transportation is just part of the overall story of the celebration and how you are going to arrive in your style is all part of the adventure. We are lucky to have great options for Wedding Transport in the Wanaka and Queenstown area and if I where ever to get married again I know my childhood car addiction can be meet by sliding in to the luxury of a Daimler Consort to arrive like a princess. Happy Days x