For me the most exciting time when I plan a wedding is the reception set up. In the hours before the team packs in to a venue  the master list, that usually represent a years worth of work all coming together; is meticulously checked and double checked to make sure that every detail is in place and accounted for. If I have done my job, everyone knows what it is they need to be doing and in what time frame. Timing is everything. One little hick-up  and the wedding reception set up can unravel faster then a badly knitted jumper.

While it is important to enjoy the moment and have lots of fun with your dressing of your reception, its also really important to not let the wheels fall off and have it become a disaster zone. Here are my three fool proof points to keep in mind and getting it right.

  1. Plan, plan and then plan some more. While it may seem like common sense, I hear it all too often that the final plan fell short and it all went to custard. A good plan that is clear and covers all the worse cases that could possibly happen is an excellent plan. It is really important to know the details of your venue and if it has any interesting tricks it may throw at you during your reception; such as over loading with lighting and shorting out throwing your reception in to darkness.
  2. Delegate and communicate. I am still learning this one, however I know that it is near impossible for me to do everything. I build a team of experienced professionals around me that each contribute to the process of a wedding reception set up with their own set of skills. It is my job to guide them to produce their very best by providing a brief that is full to the brim with information. When I get frustrated at the job that is being produced not to my standard or brief, I always realise that it is because I have not provided enough information for the job to reach its full potential. If you ask, your family and friends will love to help, they just need to know what to do!
  3. Know your timing. Everything takes longer than you think. I was given this great advice by my tutor when studying floristry and I live by it. I always add extra time on to my plan to cover things that you where just not expecting to happen. Its a great idea to do a trial run and set up a table so that you have an idea of how long it took you and then you are able to figure out the full set up.

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supplied by Ben Godkin@ www.godkinphoto.com