We believe that the key factor to a wedding is to celebrate and make it fun. It is really important to have your guests, who may have traveled a considerable distance to help you celebrate your day, feel included. One of the ways that this can be achieved is through a wedding guest book. Giving your loving family and friends the chance to contribute to a beautiful keepsake with heartfelt words and knowing that this is something that you will look back on in years to come fondly, is wrapping them in your day.




The wonderful thing with a guest book, its all about the imagination and where it can run too. Having your guests write messages of love and kindness on a pre cut jigsaw puzzle for you to tackle in years to come is fun and will provide lots of entertainment. Not too mention lots of ahhh moments!

Your guest book will become a treasured record of those that you shared a memorable day with and a reminder why they where an important part of your life.

As always the key is to have fun and let your personalities shine through all aspects of your day.

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Happy Days x