I was recently given a very funny wee book… Don’ts for Weddings 1904. This delightful little guide was published by A&C Black of London, and while I can imagine that one hundred years ago this wedding advice was well received, now days it makes me laugh, sometimes with tears down my face.  However there are some real gems of advice that I feel need to be shared and I will do so in future posts, so do keep checking back



On the opening notes from the publisher there are some very solum words about the entering in to marriage, such as restraint and common sense, despair and privation. And while it all sounds a bit scary to me I do like the publishers closing words…




“No one will deny that a marriage founded on mere respect may one day be crowned by lasting love; nor that pre-matrimonial love may die a speedy death soon after a couple united. These possibilities don’t alter the fact that love is the most precious asset with which to begin married life”

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