While gaining my diploma in Commercial Floristry at Unitec, my tutor Malcom was insistent that we understood the Language of Flowers.  This learning of the the language that flowers speak has had a lasting effect on me and how I choose special blooms to incorporate into wedding flowers. Most of the time it is very subtle, like a small piece of rosemary for remembrance to pay respects to a grandparent whom is no longer with us.  It is however, always with such pleasure that I work with such an important part of human experience.

Flowers, in every culture and over the passage of time, play such a part in our lives from the written word in great literature, blooming proudly in works of art, from the grandest garden to wildflowers on the side of the road. They appear in significant rituals around the world, when we hope or mourn or love we do it with flowers in our hands.

We know that there is something very special about flowers and that they have an ability to convey feelings so much better than words. A red rose speaks of love for example, a bunch of bright blooming daffodils holds a promise of better times ahead and a blood red poppy instructs us to least we forget.

It’s amazing to realise that while this fast paced world we live in is constantly being “improved”, with dramatic changes happening in transport, housing, communication, the traditions, beauty and simple language of flowers have remained the same for centuries.

With Malcom’s words ringing loud in my ears, I want to pass on this beautiful simple language of the flower, and hope that you can also find a bloom that speaks your language. Check out the series of blogs to find your bloom that says just what you mean to say.

Happy Days x