Whats in a name creatively displayed to help your guests feel loved a little special and help them find their prime seat for enjoying the celebration?

Everything we say!!

While a seating plan can be an overwhelming mission to get just right, especially when there is lots of input from very helpful “advisors”, the display of this seating plan is another fun way to inject your wedding style and personalities into your individual theme. We have a vision that this point of direction is kind of like the office water cooler. It’s a meeting point, where your guests can get another touch point of your individual style, chat to each other and comment on the thoughtful personal touches making your celebration unique to you.

5c157e7eafa1b71164014f796484fd17 600x600_1383071342574-andrew-vick-photography- il_570xN.398057029_l14l Once your guests have found their spot on your beautifully put together seating plan, and made their way to their respective tables more fun can be had with table dressings.  This is again another change to show that theme off to full max. The trick to remember is that your guests are being directed by you and the more you create touch points for them the more they are going to have a memorable experience.