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Place names are such a fun way to play around with your theme. There are limitless options and many different directions to go in…. as we say the only limit is the imagination.

The beauty with places names used creatively, they can double as a thank you gift for your guests. It is such a kind thought to send your happy guests off with a succulent or maybe some herbs that are personally grown for them. These they will be able to enjoy long after the second helping of delicious desert has faded away.

Place names

Nature offers up countless options to incorporate in to place names. A collection of stones or leaves or what nots are a great job to have all the wedding bridal party get involved in. Set aside a weekend in the lead up to your celebration and have a play around. Make sure that someone is put in charge of quality control and you get your number right!!

With projects like these it is really important that there is plenty of lead time and you are not rushing around the day before collecting the perfect stone for each of your 150 guests. This is where a planning time line is key to keeping you on target to a stress free lead in.

Happy Days x