I love buttonholes and the fun that you can have creating them. They are little pieces of art, standing proudly to say look at me!! The style they add to a well cut suit blows me away every time. They add that extra bit of whoop whoop!!



We love to add little bits of interest to all our buttonholes to give them a character all of their own. We enjoy finding a special touch that comes from the unexpected, be it a small part of the brides dress, or a twine that matches the grooms shoes.  It’s these little touches that help pull the whole story together and give added layers to the individual style of each celebration.

While the original buttonhole for a groom was ribbon tied through his buttonhole on the jacket, to signify a love knot, the buttonhole became fashionable in Queen Victoria’s day. It is not part of the rules to have the flower content of a buttonhole match a brides posy, but it does help pull everything together.

The only rule is to make sure that your personality is complemented the buttonhole.

Head over to Pintrest and check out some inspiration on Fantail Productions Buttonhole board

Happy Days x