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The process of choosing your wedding flowers can be an over whelming experience, just as choosing the dress and your partner is!! However as with all aspects of your celebration, it is so important to be true to your personality and have the flowers be an expression of your individual style.

One of the first questions we Fantails ask our clients is about their favourite colour pallet when starting the process of designing for their day. This, along with lots of other important information on our couples, like what they get up to on the weekends, their favourite t-shirt and the best concert they have been to helps us form a picture that is the foundations for their unique design elements to be incorporated into the whole story of their wedding. This process is how we find a couples love story and helps to weed out the best pick of blooms to help compile the picture.

Some couples come to us with strong ideas about the blooms that are going to make the cut, while others have no idea where to begin, or dare I say it anything about flowers!

While the tradition of carrying flowers by a bride in the modern sense was made fashionable by Queen Victoria, flowers have been apart of weddings dating back to Ancient Romans. Queen Victoria was sensitive to the language of flowers and the meaning that they evoked in the human experience. In her attention to detail when planning her wedding to her cousin, Prince Albert, Queen Victoria set many bridal customs in place that still remain dear to us today.


[UNSET] While the young queen chose flowers and foliage that where true to the language of flowers, myrtle meaning love and orange blossom meaning your purity equals your loveliness, she was also true to her personality, and the likes of her Albert. Orange blossom being his favourite flower.

Allow your choice of flowers at your day be meaningful for you both and let the blooms help them to create a life long memory.

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Happy Days x