We hear constantly the cry to get grooms more excited about their wedding attire. And while we do truly sympathise with this dilemma, we also totally appreciate some grooms lack of motivation to be more excited.

The key to planning a wedding is to be inclusive and make decisions about your perfect day together. While you may have your heart set on three shades of blush pink,  your other half could see this colour as a threat to his manhood.

If big decisions like the over all colour theme of your celebration are made with a consideration for each others tastes then it will be much more likely that it will be embraced by all concerned.  Then just maybe that stunning coral pink you both liked so much will end up being the colour of the grooms shirt….. His choice of course!!

With options such as gorgeous ties or bow ties to set the scene, a groom may also love the idea of braces in the colour of the brides maids dresses to make a connection between both wedding parties. Or what about a beautiful silk handkerchief artfully folded in the breast pocket to give that hint of colour. Or a contrast of colour in a finely tailored waistcoat that sings bright under a jacket.

There are limitless options to getting colour in to a groom and his best men. Having the boys involved in these important decisions will give them a sense of ownership and help them feel a million dollars on their day.

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Happy Days x