Advice for a Groom to keep him dapper and distinguished


Weddings can become all about the elegant dresses, makeup and hairdos for the ladies. When it comes to the critical wedding pic that will be sent to the neighbours, your Mum, your Aunt, the Mother-in-law, your future kids and your over-obsessed hairdresser the groom is 50% of the frame and deserves to be featured as the hot, stylish and sexy man he is.


The groom needs to be just as formal to really complete the look and be ready for the wedding to remember! So grooms, listen up, here are some advice and style tips to make sure you’re the dapper and distinguished groom that you need to be and that you’ll remind the ladies that not everything is about them!


It is so important that the tuxedo fits you -not only your size but also your personality. Please don’t go down the road of renting a simple plain black tux, as the “one size fits all” never works. I promise you one of the best things that you can, do style-wise, is to buy! This way you can get it tailored to your body shape and not have a baggy, plain suit. You deserve to feel good about what you are wearing as well! Spend some time and find a tux that matches your wedding venue, what your wife-to-be is wearing and add some personal touches, such as some funky socks or a special watch. This way you will still be slick but also you’ll be yourself!


Usually, wedged in between the father of the bride and the best man speech is the groom’s speech in and it needs to be one to remember! There are several acknowledgements in your speech, so make sure everyone is mentioned and no one is forgotten. The father of the bride should definitely be noted, seeing as you are probably following his speech… After the father of the bride, don’t forget the rest of her family. They have given you heaps of memories and have welcomed you into their family as one of their own.

Now for your family, of course. They have supported and guided you to where and what you are today! So much to reflect on there. Now for your groomsmen, your best mates, the ones who most likely did something ‘memorable’ at the stag do and the ones who have had your back in the run-up to your big day. Your guests and everyone else who helped also need to be thanked! And then there is your bride… you can talk about how beautiful she looks, all the effort she’s made, how amazing she has been organizing the wedding with you; and of course how happy you are to be vowing to share your life with her! But it is not that easy; Only you know all your special memories or your favourite things about her – or maybe, if you’re brave, what gets under your skin the most – to add that touch of personality to your speech.


Of course, you want your Mrs to be happy and in control. But it is important not to hand all the pressure on to her, and make sure you attend all the planning meetings that she wants you to be there for. While you may not have much of a say, it is important to be supportive and understand and know what’s going on. Leave the big decisions to her, so she is happy!. Be wary not to rush the process – think baby steps and take things slow and steady and enjoy the ride! It is so important to support your bride no matter what.


Weddings are big, huge in fact. And it is so easy to get caught up in the blur of the event and forget that she is the love of your life. So, don’t let her forget that you love her. It is not uncool to get sentimental. In the lead up to the wedding send her flowers to remind her of how excited you are and how much you love her. When she is getting ready for the day, leave her a little note for her to read. You don’t have to shower her with attention but it is your job to let her know how much you love her.


Remember lads, you deserve to have a say in the planning and process, but remember to be attentive, stylish and on trend, matching how beautiful your wife is looking! Stay sexy xx