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I had a destination wedding… in Las Vegas!! Before you judge it was not in front of Elvis, but the pastor did wear a really bad toupee, it was not a drive thru wedding, and I was not drunk!!

We had thirty guests who flew from around the world for a weekend long celebration. While I was living in Las Vegas at the time, so technically not planning a destination wedding, our guests where coming to a destination and we wanted to share an experience with them.

To me this is what a Destination Wedding is all about, sharing with your loved ones a collection of experiences that extends beyond the ‘i do’s’. This makes for such wonderful memories and adds to the whirl wind of a wedding. There are plenty of testaments to support that the wedding day flies past. At a destination wedding it is very much about the whole journey and not just one day.

As we had guests flying in from around the world it was a great way to have a central meeting point. Some of our guests used the weekend in Vegas as a starting point to further travel around the USA. While my best mate and awesome bridesmaid choose to stick around and hang out ( she’s still sticking around because she married an American prince and they are living happily ever after in San Deigo… but thats another story ) after the celebrations.

The point being that a destination wedding is an awesome excuse to bring people together with not just a wedding in mind. If your guests are making the effort they are more likely to extend the journey and have you to thank for it. Taking your guests to somewhere new is only adding to the story. There are new places to explore, new culture to understand and learn from along with sights and sounds that add another layer of interests to your celebration.

Choosing a destination that has lots of different activities covers your guests interests and makes for great story telling or brag sessions at the wedding reception. Who skied the most powder or hit the scariest jump on the mountain bike always makes for great chat. When there is a new view involved its even more exciting.

Providing a destination that makes for an amazing guests experience is my top reason why to plan for a destination wedding. Spending the rest of your lives together is a powerful and special under taking, starting that journey in an all out adventure with your nearest and dearest is priceless!

Best Bridesmaid and I lunch before wedding

Best Bridesmaid and I lunch before wedding