The romance of heading to another county to exchange vows has long been a tradition that couples have embraced. For a smooth sailing experience there are a few questions you should considered before setting the sails.

1. Can you legally wed in the country of choice and have it recognised once you return home?

Some countries there is paper work that needs to be completed before and on arrival to ensure that your wedding certificate is worth the ink on it. Some countries require a length of stay before you are able to wed, while others have lots of paper work and hoops to jump through before a wedding licence can be issued. In New Zealand the process is as simple as choosing a date and a location, filling in the legal paper work and filing it with the correct governmental department.. oh and of course pay the fee!! There is a time frame and a time limit on how long the licence is valid for.

2. Is your chosen location easy for your guests to reach?

To have your loved ones and important people in your life to help celebrate this awesome life journey with you is a privilege, it is a big ask for some guest to attend a destination wedding. Things to consider for your guests are costs and ease. Is your Grandmother going to be ok on a long haul flight?

3. Whats the weather going to be like?

While I have learnt the one thing you are not able to control in this life is the weather, you are able to be in the know. The weather in the northern hemisphere is the opposite to the southern hemisphere. Meaning that while Europe is freezing under a blanket of snow over the Christmas holidays, we in New Zealand are on the beach sunning ourselves!! Understanding the weather in your chosen location and when best to have an outdoor celebration is critical to setting a wedding date and your best advice is going to come from a local.

4. Which brings me to the next food for thought on choosing a destination wedding location… who is your local support?

In all aspects of a wedding regardless of being a destination wedding or not, there are elements that need to flow and details that need to work for a successful celebration. This is best done with support and in a destination wedding a local on the ground looking out for your interests is priceless. They are able to help you over come language barriers, and advice on local traditions and customs that may effect your celebration.

5. What is the cost?

With a destination wedding, like any wedding there are cost to be considered and budgeted for. Being clear and informed from the start will help with budget blow outs or un expected surprises.

6. Will we have fun?

Kind of seems like a obvious box to tick, however make sure that you do your research and your not just choosing a stunning location with nothing much else to do in the vicinity. The idea behind a destination wedding is that you are not just there for the ‘I-Do’s’, but a journey that includes a celebration and a holiday (vacation!!).

Most importantly do your research and make informed decisions. It is very easy to get caught up in the pretty glossy pictures and swept away.

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