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A traditional wedding might be what you may be going for, and every person in your family is for it, but hear out destination weddings for a minute. A destination wedding is what couples looking for a memorable opt for; and for good reasons.

Destination weddings in an exotic location are unmistakable. The awe of the wedding ceremony mixed with the beauty of the location helps in making the ceremony stand out. To expound more on this, let’s look at the reasons why you might want to consider a destination wedding:

  • Unique and memorable

A destination wedding is a wonderful opportunity for the bride and the groom to put all their creativity into action. It is at these events that they reflect on their tastes and their styles through the décor and the cuisine in the wedding. In fact, through a destination wedding, you can still have a religious wedding, traditional wedding or you may go on the road not taken.


  • Reunion

A destination wedding provides you with a once in a lifetime chance to have a reunion. I t is one of the few opportunities that you will have to bring together your family and friends to a magical place all in celebration of love. Friends will travel from different states, nations and around the globe just to grace your event. For that reason, your destination wedding will not only be a form of vacation for your loved ones, but also a reunion for them.

  • Time with your guests

As compared to traditional weddings, destination weddings tend to be more intimate. This is because they are smaller as the number of people invited is small. That and the fact that some of the invited guests might not turn up for various reasons. For that reason, this presents a wonderful opportunity to have a one on one with the guests. As such, if you are looking for such an experience, a destination wedding is right for you.

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  • Is cost effective

A destination wedding tends to have a smaller guest list as compared to traditional weddings. This means you have to spend less on the guest’s list. Alternatively, it also means that you have more money to spend on the party and present a lavish party.

  • Great photos for your album

The reason why people choose a destination wedding is that the site has amazing features. The wonderful backdrops contribute to the aestheticism of the photos. With a destination wedding, you can be assured of getting beautiful photos at the end of the photo shoot. As such, if you want photos that look like they are straight from a magazine; a destination wedding is for you.

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There you have it. A destination wedding is definitely the spark that you need to light up that special day.

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Main photo supplied by Simon Darby – Wanaka Photography