Tips for Timeless Wedding Styling

Weddings are based on the timeless idea of a ritual between two lovers. A beautiful ceremony where they tie their knot. This celebration is rooted in the idea of timelessness; dresses, flowers table pieces and veils.  In 20 years looking back at your wedding day photos will be a fond memory. It is easy in this day and age to catch on to the latest trend or fad and impulsively buy whatever is ‘in’. Some couples enjoy doing this and there is definitely nothing wrong with a trendy wedding but often these purchases do not last and can end in some regrets down the line! Whether this is your dress, ring or even your design plan, everything is forever changing. There are many decisions to be made and ensuring that in 20 years you will still see your wedding as elegant and classy adds to the list of the couples that want to ensure that their wedding is timeless. Now with all this said we intend no pressure to be put upon you and we want to do everything in our power so your wedding planning is stress-free. Here are some tips for timeless wedding styling to make sure your wedding will look just as amazing in the future.

There is never any room to go wrong when keeping things neutral. Don’t get us wrong, bold colours are amazing and can look incredible, but when keeping things timeless, neutral will never go out of style. A neutral colour palette is classy and sophisticated. We are talking the whites in marble with pops of green in florals and natural brown tones from timbers. Centring your decoration around this palette will set a solid foundation for the rest of your decorating.

When something comes from the heart, it is hard to go out of style. Personalised touches can be subtle or grand, and best of all will always be timeless. These signature particulars can be anything from details stitched into the napkins, or olive sprigs as decoration to remind you of your time in Europe together. You could even have an open bar of your favourite liquors. Anything will add an amazing touch to your wedding that we guarantee will be ageless.

Aghhh, the wedding dress. In the time of weddings, there have been some pretty amazing dresses. Many sizes, shapes and colours, but one element has always stayed the same, lace. Lace always gives a classic and sophisticated demeanour. Almost any wedding theme goes with lace which allows room for you to add your own flare that will last for eternity.

A long flowing veil is seen all over the world from royal weddings to your everyday wedding. Veils show heritage and are a family heirloom. This romantic piece of clothing will last the test of time.

Table centrepieces can be difficult to style and we for sure have seen some weird trends. Pineapples, seashells and the rest in between. There is nothing wrong with these unique ideas, however, if you are looking for something more traditional then a natural floral arrangement will always be timeless. Cascading flowers, fresh and crisp whites and nudes or pastel posies. Flower table arrangments will forever be the perfect addition to your wedding and will look great in 20 years as well!

When organising your wedding invitations it is so easy to go crazy with different fonts, colours and graphics… This may look cute in your head but these over the top ideas can sometimes be a little too much. When keeping things timeless it is best to go simple but chic. Handwritten calligraphy will always be elegant. Calligraphy feels like romance… and is often a staple font in many couples weddings already. Calligraphy details are unique as you can shape the idea into any way you want and will forever be timeless. Whether calligraphy is for your invitations, welcome placards or thank-you letters, calligraphy should be the font you consider.

We all want our weddings to be warm and inviting and to ensure the guests feel at home. One of the main factors to establish this setting is lighting. Harsh lighting is never the route to go down, instead, try candles. Candles have been associated with romance since the start of time because of their soft glow and wonderful aromas. Scattering candles around your wedding are classic and practical. It is organic and can also allow room for your creative juices to flow. Candles come in different sizes, shapes, colours, smells and you can arrange them any way you, please. Your candle arrangement will have never been done before so it is truly unique. Candles will last the ages and give your wedding the intimate atmosphere that you might just be looking for.

Wedding websites are a new aspect of planning weddings due to the new age of technology, but seeing how convenient they are we think that they are going to be around for a long time. Creating a classy website is not just a keepsake of memories that you can look back on, but is also practical and organised. Why wouldn’t you create a wedding website that is sleek and stylish and also timeless?

How to style your hair on a wedding day can almost be as hard as making the decision of your dress. The style of your hair can change your whole look. The classic timeless wedding hairstyle is an elegant updo. An updo can come in many different forms, the French chignon a ballet bun and many more. Some brides also choose to wear their hair down. The main thing when it comes to timeless hair is to make sure it is slick and off of the face. Finding something that suits your wedding style will ensure that in 20 years you won’t be cringing at your hair in your photos. See here for inspiration of wedding hairstyles to turn heads.

Your family may have some of their own heritage and religious traditions that your family have been incorporating into their weddings for generations. Such as breaking the glass, unity candle or jumping the broom. When combining your traditions into your wedding we are certain they will also be timeless, as no amount of time can diminish heritage. It is also a lovely way to combine your partners’ tradition as well, creating a true bonding moment of your families, ancestry and culture.

If you are finding it hard to create a line between your wedding being timeless and trendy contact us here and we would love to get in touch and help you with all of your wedding planning decisions.  xx