Inside scoop: How to manage stress whilst wedding planning

Getting married is exciting and brings many new experiences. It is your time to celebrate and pledge your love and commitment to your partner, but with all of this comes… stress. Stress is perfectly normal but can be daunting if you don’t know how to deal with it. We will give you the inside scoop on how to stay sane whilst wedding planning, as wedding planning is meant to be fun and not too stressful.

Wedding planning is a big commitment, especially as you are declaring to spend your whole life with a person.  There are many small decisions that need to be made and sometimes it is hard to feel like you are making progress. Planning takes a lot of time and energy and knowing how to deal with the stress will make your wedding planning enjoyable.

Tip 1. Acceptance 

Accepting how much work is involved with planning is one of the first steps to handling stress. Make a to-do list and set reminders that are realistic, with all of the little details. Doing this helps eliminate the risk of surprises and things you hadn’t realised needed to be done. Also, when making a to-do list you can cross off the tasks you have completed and we all know how good that feels.

Tip 2. Budgeting

Money can be a worry and being disorganised can be a major source of stress. Creating a detailed budget stops you spending past your planned budget and alleviates so much unnecessary stress. Budgets ensure you stay on the right track and all of your financial decisions are in one place. If you want to know how to set and stick to a budget click here (https://www.fantailweddings.co.nz/2018/05/budget-setting-and-sticking-to-it/) to read a previous blog.

Tip. 3 Get away

Getting out of town for a weekend can do wonders. Forgetting about wedding planning, just for a few days, can get rid of stress. Getting out of your town with your partner is a perfect opportunity to reconnect and take a break from all of the wedding planning mayhem. It is also a chance to share your feelings with your partner and catch up, as you may have been feeling lost in all of the busyness of your wedding planning journey. Talking about things unrelated to your wedding brings back a little normality and you won’t regret a weekend away.

Tip 4. Be Active

If stress becomes overwhelming, it is very easy to become lethargic and tired and you can even fall sick. Being stuck on the couch is even worse than feeling as if you are getting nowhere ticking off the small items on your to-do list. Taking breaks lets you remember all of your special moments with your partner and not let your wedding day consume your whole life. Physical exercise is proven to reduce stress and get rid of the wedding planning blues. It doesn’t have to be intense workouts, even yoga or a morning walk will help.

Tip 5. Find Help

Many couples feel it is their sole responsibility to plan their wedding. This is not so. When couples have this mindset it often doesn’t go as well as planned.  Finding someone to help out helps make organizing easier and can result in your dream wedding. It is never too late to hire a wedding planner or consult a close friend to reduce the stress and help stay sane.

Tip 6. Communicate

Sometimes talking to a family member or your partner can reduce stress and can help to connect with your loved ones. Keeping things bottled up can only amplify your feelings inside, so communication and talking to friends and family is a perfect way to reduce wedding planning stress.

Tip 7. Your Why

If things are very stressful, taking time to reflect and remember the reason why you are with your partner. Focus on the wider picture and remember why you are with the person who you are about to vow to spend the rest of your life with. The one person who will help reduce your stress is your fiancé because they are ‘your why’.

At Fantail weddings, we would love to help you make all of your important decisions together and help manage your stress. Contact us here. xx