How to organize an inexpensive wedding

Weddings are renown for being expensive, and they sure can be. In 2016 the average wedding bill in America was $35,329, that converts to $52,483 NZ dollars. Paying this much is not a possibility for everyone, but there are many ways to not spend this much and still be able to pull off a just as memorable and amazing wedding, whilst keeping it inexpensive.

Setting a plan and most importantly sticking to one will automatically decrease your spending. Having a list of what you need, and talking to your partner about things that you might be willing to compromise with will make sure that no unnecessary purchases are made. Budgeting is always a necessity when planning and successfully pulling off an inexpensive wedding. Look here for how to set and stick to a budget.

A lot of kids have dreams of their weddings, imagining the luxury manors, with chandeliers and marble. This is not a reality for most couples, but what is saying that your venue can be just as majestic, or even more magical. Finding a reception hall that is flexible could possibly cut your venue costs in half if done right. Consider having your wedding on a weekday, or not in the ‘wedding season’. Or, host an outdoor wedding. This is a common trend that is starting to be seen more often. An outdoor terrace or a gazebo in the fresh air. It makes for amazing photos and leaves room for the kids to run around. We just recommend you have a backup plan in case mother nature does not play in your favour.

Ahhh, food. We all love it, and it can cost a lot. Paying an average of $60 a head for an ordinary wedding meal does not cut the mustard. If hosting a small wedding, cater yourself! Get together the food enthusiasts in your friends and family and create a feast that you know everyone will love, because who doesn’t love Parent’s home-made cottage pie. If you can’t rely on home cooking, or you are hosting a bigger wedding then I am sure in your town there is a take-out or family-owned restaurant that you swear to. Businesses like these are more than often happy to help out with catering and at such a low price for amazing quality food why wouldn’t you.

Another option to keep in consideration are food trucks. Food trucks usually offer everything from entrees to sweet snacks to feast on at the end of the night. Food trucks are authentic and a perfect inexpensive option for your special day.

Alcohol is expensive. Offering a full, open bar will not gratify your dreams of an inexpensive wedding. Making the executive decision to only stock beer and wine will not only keep costs down, but it will open so many doors in the liquor world. There are so many options when it comes to wine and beer. There are many boutique wines with creative aromas and handcrafted beers that will more than replace liquor.

Your wedding is your day. No matter what you do or what decisions you will make, the only thing that is important is you tying your bond with your partner. You can do whatever you want. It is more than possible to pull off your dream wedding whilst saving your pocket.

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