Creating a wedding gift registry

Pulling off a wedding gift registry can be intimidating. There is an etiquette that the guests and the couple should understand to successfully pull off a gift registry. Some of the rules aren’t well known, so here are a few tips and tricks to help you decide if gift registries are the right thing for you.

A wedding gift registry is actually quite simple, it’s about you and your partner putting together a type of wishlist. It can be anything from cutlery, honeymoon essentials, even linen – all things that you would like to receive for your wedding. Guests can have a browse through the registry before the day, to pick out a gift that they know that you need and will love. The online store tracks when gifts are purchased so no gifts are bought twice, they also offer direct shipping to the couple so it is a no-hassle shopping method.

So when is the right time to set up your register? The register it should go out at least before the wedding invitations. Your guests will shop at different times, some with do it right away and others will take their time and contemplate for longer than others.

There are many different stores that offer registries. We would recommend picking one that matches you and your partner’s style. You can always pick more than one store, but it is good to keep it to no more than 2 to 3 stores. Also, if you choose to pick a small, local store, be sure to have a larger online retailer or a national store, so guests that are coming to your town can have a place to buy. Most guests are shopping online nowadays, so you should definitely have at least one online store option.

There is no set amount of gifts that you should have in your registry. A basic outline could be two to three gifts per guest. Some guests might not be able to afford three presents, whilst others might want to buy many gifts to put together a theme. Have a range of prices when making your registry, so everyone can afford to buy you a present. Keep in mind that maybe not everything in your registry will be bought; but it is better to have a fuller registry that doesn’t run dry, so keep checking in on the registry, making sure that there are still gifts to be bought…

There is one rule that should never be broken, and that does not put your information regarding the register directly on an invitation. Doing this might come across as pushy and the wedding invitation should really stay as the main focus – an invitation. Instead, put the information on your wedding website or whatever platform you are choosing to share your information on. Even if your guests are coming to your big day, that does not mean that they have to buy you a gift. There is usually a one month period at both ends of your wedding when you will be receiving gifts, but according to the etiquette, guests have up to a year to send you your gift, but it is unlikely that someone will actually take that long.

An ideal registry site is Mildred & Co. They offer full guidance if you have no idea what you are throwing yourself into and offer complete step by step guidance. We at Fantail Weddings would recommend this website in its entirety.

An option that is not a registry is a wishing well, where guests have the opportunity to put money into it to go towards things such as your honeymoon, etc. Some people will take this option for convenience, but others may argue that it is not heartfelt, so it’s up to you and your partner’s preference.

Wedding registries have pros and cons, it really depends on you and your partner. Hopefully, this has helped you decide whether this is the move for you.

At Fantail Weddings, we would love to make these decisions together. Email us with any queries and questions xx