10 Bridal Hair styles That Will Turn Heads

Good hair speaks volumes and creates a look and a vibe that will carry on through stories and pictures. It doesn’t matter if you’re choosing to go with a natural look or doing a sophisticated updo, use this hair guide to help you decide which bridal hair to choose to go with the dress.


A trend that we love at the moment is the use of floral pieces in any bridal hair style. Whether it is a bun with flowers positioned around it or a braid with flowers teased into each braid, flowers add a beautiful touch to an already pretty hairstyle.


Wedding hair is a centrepiece of your look and when some hair is pulled out and left to curl it adds an attractive dimension when it falls loose and natural.

Plait across the head

This hairstyle gives the best of both worlds – an exquisite plait with loose curls. It’s a delicate look that is sure to get rave reviews.

Relaxed bun

A bun is a sophisticated look but it can look sexy and stylish when a volume is added and hair is taken out at the front. It’s the style to nurture a mature and yet youthful look.

Messy Braid

Braids are all the thunder at the moment and sit perfectly with an open back dress.


This hairstyle is bold, extravagant and daring. The look adds amazing volume and is perfect for an audacious bride.

Half pinned back

One pretty option is to leave your hair natural. This look pairs beautifully with a rustic themed wedding location.

Fully out

A totally relaxed, carefree and casual look is to have hair totally out. Add some volume and let your natural looks shine through.

Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are breezy and calm. They give a whole other look and when loosened up Fishtail braids are a free and easy, informal demeanour.

French Twist

A French twist is a great alternative to a bun, it gives a more sophisticated look and is perfect for a bridal hair centrepiece object such as a flower or a jewel.

Hair speaks for itself and hopefully, these pictures and notes can help you choose which bridal hair style will go with your special dress. We can help you make these decisions, let us know what we can do. x