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The question that I am asked the most, by far, is how much should I spend on my wedding day? My answer to this question is always – as much as you feel comfortable. A wedding budget is to every couple just as unique as their wedding day style. No two are the same.

For this reason, the first meeting after booking Fantail Weddings as your wedding service provider is a setting the budget meeting. As planners, this is our blueprint for the wedding that we are going to help you produce. It is our job to help set a realist budget that is comfortable for our couples to manage. It is also our job to make sure that the budget is respected and stuck to. 

As an industry, the wedding industry is filled to overflowing with distractions to take couples of the task. There are so many shiny objects and comparisons to get overwhelmed by that the only place that it will affect is the budget in the short term and your sanity in the long run. 

A wedding budget is a working document that provides essential feedback on where everything is sitting. It helps set your day’s expectations and delivers a clear picture of how that will be achieved. Aside from the commitment that you are making to each other, in my opinion, it is the next essential piece to creating a successful marriage and wedding day.

I am fully committed to all our couples feeling secure and relaxed, knowing that they know where their budget sits and all items are transparent in that budget. It will give such great peace of mind and, best of all, prevents sleepless nights. 

To set a realistic wedding day budget, there are a few ground rules that couples must follow. All include open communication and respect for each other. While most of us have understood that money is not a topic for open discussion, I believe that and stand by everything’s principles needs to be aired, so there are no misunderstandings or surprises!

The first ground rule for setting your wedding day budget is a frank and honest conversation about what each person feels comfortable spending on the wedding day. Where is this money coming from, and how will this spending affect us long term. 

There is no point in getting into uncomfortable debt to put on a show of a wedding day.

Have the conversation with others that may be willing to help finically towards the day. Ask direct questions of what they would like to contribute to and how much they are ready to part with. Be frank and get a real-time number. This is going to avoid any surprises down the planning track. Suggest that these generous people may like to pay for specific items such as the florals arrangements or the wine for the bar. This gives something tangible for these people to see on the day that they provided, thus making the contribution more real rather than just a “check”

Pick a couple of key elements that are important to you and highlight these. This is where your focus on the budget is channelled. If it is essential for you are a couple that your guests are well-fed and “watered”, then set a catering budget to reflect this. Maybe the day’s surroundings are essential, so finding a venue that provides the WOW factor is vital; therefore, that venue budget needs to reflect this. 

The last ground rule is do not spend your time comparing to other wedding days, Pinterest, Instagram or that latest spread in the trendy bridal magazine. Comparison is a killer to your inspiration and ideas, and it is the death of a budget! The wedding industry works hard to influence you in your need to have, but if this will make you lose your hold on your budget, please close your eyes and walk away. Your credit card and sleep routine will thank you.

There are a few short-lived moments that you are going to remember long term about your wedding day. They will be some of your most treasured moments in your life. If the cost of the seven-piece band you flew in from out of town has you all stressed out, you’re going to miss these important moments. 

My reality for all my clients is that we have a realistic budget that everyone feels comfortable with. This is my way of ensuring that your wedding day rolls into a healthy and happy marriage. 

To help set you up for a wedding budget success, please download my wedding budget planner. This budget is set for a 110 wedding guests list and offers a rough guide to prices that I am developing with my clients for this coming wedding season. Please, take this as an indication only because, as I say, each budget is personalised to the couples own requirements.

If you want to set up your wedding day budget and would like to have a chat, please set up a time HERE, and let’s talk weddings!

Happy days x