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For DIY Wedding Planning Couples

5 podcast episodes to eliminate wedding planning overwhelm and set you on the right track

For most couples, frustration at not knowing all the details necessary for a memorable celebration is real.

How can you be expected to know what to do if this is your first time on the roller coaster ride of wedding planning?

It’s also equally frustrating with all the “fluff” online telling you how to create your “dream” wedding.

With years of experience and a track record of creating unforgettable weddings for countless happy couples, I have perfected the process and want to share it with you.

No fluff, just genuine.

Episode One

Why does the price double when I say “Wedding”?

What can you expect to spend on your wedding day, and how can you set your budget so your desired wedding will not put you in debt? It’s true that weddings carry a certain amount of cost, but how do you get a straight answer of what that cost is and what it covers?

Episode Two

Cousin Fred wanted to bring a Plus One.

Your guests’ expectations will test you, and it could drive you to wonder why you didn’t elope. Figuring out how to keep a cool head and tell Fred his two-week-old girlfriend you haven’t met is not invited is an art of tactfully setting boundaries, without upsetting the family.

Episode Three

Can I have two Maids of Honors?

They have been through thick and thin with you, but a wedding is a whole nother kettle of fish. Having your besties with you is part of the excitement, so how do you navigate the details with them and ensure they are still your besties after your wedding day?

Episode Four

Stop talking about your wedding all the time and other self-care practices

The last few months prior to your wedding date are the busiest, sorry. Preparation prevents poor performance, so this is where everything comes together. Make sure you are strapped in.

Episode Five

Tick off the milestones and know you’re on pretty perfect track

Yes, it is a marathon with lots of spinning plates that you must manage, but pass these milestones, and you are on track to survive the roller coaster ride.

Nice to meet you

I’m Rebecca

I have had the privilege and joy of helping hundreds of couples plan and celebrate their wedding days. I’m a big romantic and can be found at the back of a ceremony shedding a tear, even after years of watching couples say their vowels. 

It’s my belief that every couple deserves to have the wedding day they desire, and should be the best version of themselves on their wedding day. You can’t do that if you’re freaking out about some details. 

Yes, it’s a roller coaster ride planning a wedding, but if you know what to expect and can plan for it, it’s not so scary. 


“Absloulty nailed it”

Rebecca, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts, we are so happy!

It all went by so fast, but you and your team absolutely nailed it. The Whiskey Bar was such a great hit with the oldies, thank you!

Richard + Kate


“Best weekend ever”

We are so grateful for all the help with the planning of our wedding weekend. Still buzzing and want to do it all over again, please!

All our guest loved Wanaka and want to come back! Your help in making this all so easy has been amazing.

Jen + Lee


“So much fun”

We had so much fun and loved being surrounded by all that love. It was amazing. It was so cool to walk in to the reception and see it all come together.

We had no idea it would look that incredible. Thank you

Emma + Elie


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