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We are your expert wedding guide in creating a New Zealand destination wedding celebration with over a decade of experience in the industry, a network of local suppliers and a vault of local secrets. 

We’ve all been to that incredibly gorgeous but totally predictable wedding where the food is bland, the schedule is set, and the pictures and speeches consume the entire night. It might be the wedding our parents wish we’d have, but it’s also the kind of event that makes the curious, adventurous souls among us want to elope.

So, are you adventurous and willing to get your dress a little dirty? Obsessed with fun, but are also decisive and responsible with an open mind to try things out of the cookie cutter box?

Maybe you’re both eager to create a memorable experience but aren’t stuck on the details, and you are not trying to top that wedding you went to last year. Instead, you want to create an bespoke wedding that’s personal, memorable and unique to your identities.

You also understand the value of including professional vendors to ensure that the event runs smoothly and safely.

Wedding planning that’s fueled from this heart-space is what we specialise in here – in the Wanaka and Queenstown area.

Let’s go on an adventure together…


Sarah + Scott – Full Wedding Planning


We are still buzzing and want to do it all over again! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our dream a beyond reality.

Ready to learn about what we have to offer?

No two snowflakes are alike; neither are any two couples or weddings.

We believe your adventure wedding should be customized to fit who you are and echo what fills your wildest dreams.

I’m Rebecca

Fantail Weddings has been in the business of wedding planning in Wanaka and Queenstown for over a decade.

I started Fantail Weddings in 2010 as a way of sharing the natural beauty of the Central Otago region with couples from around New Zealand and the world.

With a background in event floristry and years of experience as a Production Co-Ordinator in the NZ film industry, I am an expert in the wedding industry and bring a unique set of skills, combining logistics and aesthetics, to help couples create memorable occasions.

Client Love

Helena + Tim


Rebecca did an amazingly FANTASTIC job at our wedding! Everything was absolutely perfect thanks to her. 

The flowers were perfect – exactly what we wanted; pops of colour, native ferns and gorgeous peonies.
Absolutely gorgeous.
On top of that, the reception was incredible. The cake decorating was amazing, the tables looked gorgeous, and our floral chandeliers were just incredible. ABSOLUTELY NAILED IT. We will be forever grateful.



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At Fantail Weddings, we offer Wedding planning & Styling along with creating stunning wedding florals for heartfelt celebrations.

Based in Wanaka & Queenstown, NZ.

Available for travel New Zealand-wide.

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