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Eco-Friendly Floral Arrangement Tips

Flowers and floral arrangements are a vital part of any wedding. When thinking of eco-friendly floral arrangements, many believe a bouquet of cut wildflowers is enough; they don’t know that there are so many ways to go green, depending on style, season, and budget. Not all flowers are grown, harvested or distributed in the most sustainable practices. Here are some creative ways to keep your floral arrangements kind to mother earth.

Potted Plants

Potted Plants are an excellent alternative to traditional floral arrangements. You can buy, DIY, or rent potted plants for your wedding ceremony and reception. Re-usable flowers make beautiful wedding decor that can be re-used, re-sold or gire-usedfter. They do not have to be flown in or refrigerated, so it also reduces your carbon footprint and wastage. To create beautiful centrepieces, you can use almost anything, flowers, succulents, moss, and even grass.

Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers are perfect for hot climates. They don’t wilt, so the worry about refrigerating etc, is out of the window. They can easily be re-used in your home after youre-usedng, re-sold, or given away as a thank you gift.


Buy local! This is the best thing you can do when buying wedding flowers. Flowers can be shipped from far and wide to make it to the centre of the table at your wedding. The shipping, truck or plane, and refrigeration boosts your carbon footprint. Choose locally grown flowers that are in season. Buying in season will reduce transport, and you will find it will be a lot cheaper! Contact a local flower farm and a local florist and make your dream arrangement without all the fossil fuels.


Branches are another attractive but often effective option. They create dramatic height without blocking out other guests’ views of each other. You can cut yourself or work with a florist, but whatever way, you will be eco-friendly as branches grow back year in and year out. There are several cool things you can do with branches. One of these is called forcing to get the dramatic winter look of flowering branches. Have a conversation about how this works, and you might find that you have some pretty stunning decor for your wedding.


It is nearly impossible to find flowers fresher than those in your backyard. Once you discover the joy of gardening, it is a bug, so why not make this the next step? If you plan enough, you can quickly and at a very low cost get a gorgeous set of blooms for your wedding with an extra special personal touch whether it is Tulips, Hydrangeas or Pansies.

Silk and Paper Flowers

Go the full mile and pick silk or paper flowers! Silk flowers well done are often indistinguishable from the real thing. They have no waste or pesticide contaminants. They can be in the centre of your dining room for years to come! Paper flowers may ask for a little extra effort; however, you can custom select every colour and decide what each petal looks like if you please. This way, you can experiment and explore options.

Faux Flowers

Be careful with faux flowers, as they are not always the eco-friendly option. Plastic flowers aren’t typically recyclable and will end up in landfills when they are done; this is not what we want! If you do want to go the non-flower flower route, consider silk or paper, as discussed above.

As you can now see, there are so many ways you can have eco-friendly flowers and bouquets for your wedding! Hopefully, you have some inspiration to get the ball rolling. Fantail Weddings would love to be a part of your journey! Contact us here xx