Your first steps after getting engaged

Wow! Congratulations, you are engaged! This moment may have been what you have been waiting for your whole life. You probably have a ring on your finger and a mind full of emotions. Not only is your mind filled with emotions… it is also probably full of all the things that you have to prepare in order for you to pull off the amazing wedding of your dreams. There are people to get in contact with, venues to organise and the new chapter of your life to plan for. In saying this, it is very easy to get overwhelmed, which is not what we want and I am sure not what you want either.

There is not one way to do things when accomplishing anything in life. Everyone has their own ways of doing things, but sometimes it is nice to have a guide or a list of ideas to give you a little inspiration and get the ball rolling so to speak. Committing the rest of your life to someone can be daunting so here is a rough guide of 10 tasks you should be tackling straight after getting engaged.

It is really important that before you announce your exciting news to anyone, you inform your family and close friends. They may already be aware of your engagement but it always important to make sure your closest circle know. Your sisters and brothers, best friends and godparents. The last place you want them to find out is over the internet and through an Instagram post or snapchat story. Take 5 minutes and give them a ring. You might even find that because they know you so well they are waiting for your call.

After the closest people in your life are told, you can now let the world know! You can do this however you want, post a ring selfie or tell your twitter. Your happiness and love can radiate onto others. Even if you don’t want to show off your ring, a video of the proposal (if you have one) might be nice to let your overseas or high school friends know.

Now the word is out, and any excuse is a good excuse to have a few drinks with your friends and family. Better yet you are engaged!! That is definitely worth a cheer. Get together and celebrate your amazing news. But remember who you invite to this party will also need to come to your wedding so be careful who you invite. Enjoy your party!

This next one may not be the most fun engagement task, you may not even know that you have to do this! It is very important to get your ring insured and sized. If your partner knows you so well that they know your ring size then you have caught a charmer! But it is very easy to get the wrong size, and even easier to make slight adjustments to make the band your size. It is better to do it sooner than later as it is easy for your ring to fall off and may even get lost! If your ring is lost, then you want insurance. Talk to your insurance provider about jewellery insurance. You will first get an appraisal by a gemologist with certification which can usually be done when you are buying the ring. Then inquire about the details of what happens if it gets lost, damaged or stolen, as in how long the process of claiming takes etc. We would highly advise you doing this as it is always good to have a backup plan!

There is no rush, I will say it again and again. But there is nothing wrong with a little brainstorming.  Doing research and having many options can make sure you get just what you want. The most wanted dates and venues for weddings are usually booked very far in advance. We recommend that you start thinking about these things now so you do not have to worry about them when your wedding gets closer. Check in that your family can make those dates and now you have a place to start!

Another way to brainstorm and get some neurons firing with your partner is to discuss and create a budget. Although it is still very early days it is never too early to be thinking about money. What I can’t emphasise enough though is having an idea of how much money you are willing to spend, and what your maximum amount is then it can prevent completely blowing your bank. You may also want to talk to your parents if they would like to contribute. Talk about your priorities and draft a rough budget for a little guideline.

Whether you are having a massive grand wedding or a small serene gathering, you need to make a decision on the size of your wedding. Ask your family of their opinion and, if they want to contribute some money into your wedding you also need to make sure they are happy with your decision. It is best to add this into your budget and then you can start to figure out costs. It is somewhere to start and this one thing can help a lot such as venues, costs how much of things you need to buy etc.

You may have your own ideas, but it is also nice to find some inspiration. Pinterest is a great place to start. You can create boards for every specific thing, napkins, flower etc. Dream big and pin everything and see where your mind takes you. You can find inspiration anywhere and it can help your mind to get thinking, go window shopping and let your imagination run.

You are going to be asked one very important question over the next couple of weeks or even a month, “can I see the ring”. Your ring is on your hand… which means your hand is going to be the centre stage. Investing in a manicure, or at least cleaning your nails and putting on some clean nail polish is just something a little extra to make sure that people are focusing on your gorgeous ring, not your chipped or dirty nails.

It may seem very exciting to plan and start getting things organised, but there is no rush. Taking a couple months off to ease your self into the hubby or wifey life may be just what you need to make sure that organising your wedding is still enjoyable. With all of these tips being said, you do not have to do anything the day after you are engaged. Spend some time calling your partner fiancé, go on date nights and enjoy your romance.

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