How to keep kids entertained on your wedding day

With the many small things to think about on your wedding day also comes what to do with the kids, how to keep them entertained but also well behaved. Weddings can be overwhelming for children but, with the right tools in your tool box, the guests’ children can have fun and enjoy the celebrations and mummy and daddy can also enjoy the day without having to worry about what their little munchkins are up to…

A little kid loves nothing more than having a sheet of paper in front of them and a rainbow of crayons to colour outside of the lines as much as they like. A roll of butcher’s paper can keep kids quiet for hours. Their little minds will be running wild on the paper – not all over the event. To get their head spaces out of the wedding can be a very good thing, as some kids get a little over-excited, so having something to keep them occupied is pleasing for everyone. The paper can even go under their meals as  a placemat on the meal table – they might even forget that they are at the table!

For slightly older kids, they may not appreciate colouring. Think about setting up a games room filled with ping pong tables, air hockey and games such as twister and jump rope; throw in a sofa or two and you have yourself a ‘hang out’ space for the tweens and teens to chill. This is a win-win situation. The kids are having fun and they are not bugging their parents with the “when are we going home, Mum?”.

Show me a kid who doesn’t love a good treat! The adults may also be able to have a little fun with this as well. Making a promise, such as “if you are well behaved you get a lollipop” – or having a competition for who can sit down the longest to win some treats is an virtual guarantee for better behaviour too – just make sure you follow through on the promise…

If entertaining is not your thing, or if you just do not have the time then there’s the option of hiring a professional. If this is within the budget, getting someone who is an expert at distracting kids may be the answer to all of your worries. Some examples of entertainers are caricature artist, fortune teller, clown, storyteller, magician or impersonator. The kids will be happy and distracted whilst their parents can mingle and make small talk without their little rascals snapping at their ankles.

If push comes to shove, give the kids their own party. In a separate room, put on a kids’ playlist with Disney songs and nursery rhymes and let the kids do their thing. Even better, hire a dance instructor and the kids can learn a simple routine to share with the parents after they have learnt it. This lets the children get in the party grove and who wouldn’t love a dance party to Disney songs?

We hope these 5 ideas have given you some inspiration on how to keep your little angels (or devils) behaved and occupied whilst enjoying the party. Fantail weddings would love to help make decisions with you. Contact us here to get in touch xx