Honeymoon Planning – do and dont’s

I think we can all agree that a honeymoon is very much needed after the craziness of wedding planning. I am sorry to be the one to break it to you… but planning your honeymoon can be just as stressful.  For some, it is your first long trip with your other half! Here are some do and dont’s for planning your honeymoon to save some stress and save some money. 

Assuming you already know where you want to go, the ideal time to book your honeymoon is six to eight months before. Premium resorts and hotels book up early, and airlines get more and more expensive. 

You can make the decision to book a travel agent, but this could be a good decision. They take the planning off of your plate and they do the legal work, giving some extra guidance. They have insider knowledge on deals and discounts, usually finding you a great deal. They save research on your behalf and give valuable knowledge. Finding a reasonably priced agent could really help to relieve some of the mayhem. 

But it is important to also discuss with your spouse and your travel agent about what both of you want. Assigning the task of planning your wedding to one person can typically create their ‘dream’ vacation, catered to what they want. Unless you two are very in tune with what they want, honeymoon planner should be an adventure that both of you embark on. 

The internet can be misleading! Getting inspiration and idea to start off your wedding planning is a good idea, but relying on the web the whole way is not recommended! Reviews and images can be misleading so talk to family and friends with experience and get their thoughts. Put your destination on social media and maybe some people may even be able to give you some handy advice. Real people telling you real things can prevent things from going wrong down the track! 

Weddings are costly. Sometimes throughout the madness of planning, money is taken out of the honeymoon pot and used on some last-minute cost that came out of the grapevine all of a sudden. Budgeting your wedding helps, but there is no one stopping you from creating a honeymoon budget as well! The more spreadsheets the merrier!! Honeymoons are so much longer, and some may argue valuable than the actual wedding ceremony so please have some money tucked away so you can have your best first holiday together as a married couple. 

I know in the movies the couple gets married and then they are immediately on the plane to fly to their perfect honeymoon. Reality check… that would be EXHAUSTING! You are allowed to give yourself as long as you need to grab the reins again. Give yourself a breath, you have worked hard! 

You may be a spontaneous person, we get that. Maybe all of your holidays in the past have been right off of the back with you booking one hotel for the first night and going from there. But, bear in mind your honeymoon isn’t like any other holiday. It is time to have a break and take a deep one or two-week breath. Your honeymoon is between the busiest times in your life as you have just come out of wedding planning and now you are navigating life as a newly wedded couple. Book a hotel for the whole of your stay, and then you can have fun with your activities in your days. 

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