7 things to do 7 days before your wedding

It is the final countdown for your wedding! Only one week… wow. This is such an exciting time, but there are still a few final things that you have to get ticked off of the to-do list until your big day. This may seem overwhelming, so let’s take some deep breaths. Do not be afraid to ask for help from family members, friends or even your wedding planner. 

The week before your wedding is not the right time to start a whole new beauty treatment that is unfamiliar. Stick to the basics and what your skin is familiar with. Your facials, waxing, teeth whitening and lash extensions should be completed at least a week before your wedding so they have time to settle down. You do not want a bad reaction to the wax or to the teeth whitening paste. You can leave tanning and manicures to a few days before. The grooms should consider a hot shave or a haircut leading up to the wedding.

You should check up on the wedding vendors that are providing you with your drinks and food. This could be as little as a quick email to confirm that they have everything they need before the wedding. This is also the perfect time to talk to your vendors about the tiny details such as the small changes to the guest count or even maybe something about the weather and how that will affect the food selection. Your wedding planning or day-of wedding coordinator may have done this, so check in with them so the day runs smoothly

I hope that you have your attire ready. If not I would stop reading this and go get that sorted out before anything. But you should have it all ready to go. What we recommend is that you do a “dress rehearsal” a few days before your day to make sure everything fits well and is sitting perfectly. Try on your dress with everything on… shoes, earrings etc so you can get a feel of the whole look. Make sure to be careful and pack everything up nicely after.

You will be feeling nervous, and the best way to tackle your butterflies is to be prepared. One of the arguably scariest things on your wedding is the vows. Saying you love for your partner in front of the most influential people in both of your lives. A week before your wedding you should start writing your vows. Say them out loud, practice them in front of the mirror, anything to help you remember them. You will feel more at ease if you are well prepared!

A wedding day emergency kit may be the saving grace on the day. As scary as it may seem, it is very easy for something to not go to plan for your wedding. Aside from taking 10 deep breaths, an “emergency kit” is a necessity to save you from disaster. Your emergency kit should be filled with all of the little things that you never know you need until you need them. Anything from your asthma inhaler, to a hair tie and hair clips. Hairspray and toothpaste and brush. Sewing needles in case a button decides to not cooperate, even heel pads. When you are overwhelmed with emotion it is always handy to have tissues on hand, and deodorant. Keep this kit on hand and keep your mind at bay. 

It is wedding etiquette to give a gift to your loved ones on the big day, whether this is your parents, fiance or future-in-laws. Now (a week before) is a good time to start organising the gifts, wrapping and labelling them and putting them away until your wedding. You may also even be considering treating your guests to wedding welcome bags? If so, then you should start to get this underway now, allocate someone the job or do it yourself. You do not want to have to be dealing with these niggly pieces the day before. 

The decor pieces that you are planning to use at your wedding. You may not be there on the day so make sure your day-of coordinator, or whoever is setting up, is clear how the event space is going to be set up. Create a mockup or diagram of how the decor should look before your wedding. Consider talking to your venue and asking if it’s possible to drop off your decor a few days before the wedding. It could incur a storage fee but the security that everything is already on-site would save you a lot of trouble in the long run. 

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