Seven Wedding Trends for 2018

Your wedding can be a time for the creative juices to really flow, but if you are stuck for ideas or need some extra inspiration, follow the latest wedding trends for 2018. Below are some of my favourite upcoming trends to put a creative cherry on top of your perfect wedding.


Navy is the new black

Dark blue is the perfect new alternative, neutral shade for the wedding colour palette. It is now an ever so popular choice for formal weddings on invitations and also bridesmaid dresses. It is softer and more gentle than plain black and can also provide a splash of colour to soften up a wedding and add that extra touch.


Silver and chrome are back together

Metallics have always been a part of weddings. But in replacement for the popular gold, brass and rose gold, silver and chrome are a rising trend. The 1970’s are a trending influence on home decor style and the old S & C couple are making a comeback for a metallic impact!


Formality is favoured again

2018 is definitely going to be a time for formal and elegant weddings. Neater floral displays, classic tuxedos and sparkles are for sure going to be making their presence known. Weddings have tended to be rustic, but we’re not expecting the usual old style in 2018, as it is forecast that the dignified and opulent weddings of past eras will be seen once again!


A dosage of foliage

Flowers and bouquets are a must see trend in 2018. New table piece ideas are to hang flowers from the ceiling or use 2 or 3 cute vases with only a few of the same flowers. As the saying goes, less is more. Two or three types of flowers in multiple vases will look super cute and be very impactful. Flower altars are also becoming popular, which offers an adorable background for wedding photos.


Local flare

At Fantail weddings, we offer a perfect setting for destination weddings… with our exquisite scenery, adventure activities, wines and vineyards, tramping and the myriad of outdoor activities on offer,  Wanaka is a supreme location for your wedding. Newsflash – destination weddings are trending to! Destination weddings that embrace the local spirit and culture are definitely becoming a thing and beautiful Wanaka is a lively township buzzing with culture and a carefree spirit!


Place cards with a touch

Place cards hold so much creative and aesthetic possibility. There is an ongoing trend to think outside the box and challenge how far a simple place card can be stretched – such as making them edible or using different mediums and textures. Paper will always be a part of weddings and we LOVE new ideas to stretch and bend the concept of such a simple thing!


Translucent touches

It is such a beautiful thing to have a wedding outside but if the weather doesn’t permit or if you don’t want the ceremony outside, then a beautiful and majestic option is to have a transparent venue! A glasshouse or greenhouse is such an amazing option for a wedding venue if you still want to capture the feeling of being outside without having to worry about all the extra planning that goes with actually having a wedding outside.


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Photo by Nikunj Gupta on Unsplash