A Day-of Wedding Coordinator’s true role

Being in the midst of your wedding planning may sound great, and for some, it may even be the best experience! But… not all of us are like this, and a lot of people wish to feel like a guest at their own wedding. If you are willing to take on this adventure, take a look here for wedding day reminders. A wedding is a production, there are many more decisions and things to think about then you may think. Every production needs a head, someone leading the charge. Please, please, do not take the whole burden upon yourself. 

Now, in saying this, not everyone wants a wedding planner, but if the bride of the groom take all the responsibility, who will make sure your limo arrives on time? Who will be at the church to direct the flowers? Who will pack all your gifts at the end of the day? What you need is a Day-of Wedding Coordinator! You and your partner have full control of the budget, venue choosing, vendors, decoration and so on and so forth. A Wedding Day Coordinator executes your plans. They are there for you if you need answered questions before your wedding, helping you with the things you may not know. 

So what are Day-of Wedding Coordinators true role? The title itself is a little misleading. A “day-of” coordinator, doesn’t just have to be there on the day. They do what you need them to do, and you can still have full control. They typically come into your wedding journey 3-6 months before the big day.

Typically the coordinator meets with the bride and groom and discusses their preferences and what you want. If you have a wedding planner, then they work to build a schedule, creating a list of everyone involved, what roles are etc. If the wedding planner is you or your partner then the coordinator will work with you. Usually, the coordinator has all of the names and contact information for the vendors and list what services are being provided. With all of this, the coordinator needs to handle one of the most important day-of coordinator duties, which is making sure everything goes smoothly.

Before the wedding, I am sure, there are many many things to oversee and questions to be answered. The day-of coordinators handle all of your main concerns. They make sure everything starts on time, items are where they are meant to be, flowers, seating, schedules, everything is taken off of your shoulders. 

During the ceremony, the day-off coordinator makes sure all of the factors of the service goes exactly as planned and exactly how the couple wants. The coordinator makes sure the guests are in their seats, music is timed with the bride walking in, not only this but it is the right music playing. They make sure that props e.g unity candles, are in the proper place and the ceremony is on time. Day-of coordinators plan all of the things that you and your partner would not want to stress over on your special day!!

Once the wedding ceremony is over, the day-of coordinator is still working! At the reception, they direct the guests to the location and to their seats. They make sure the caterer has arrived to serve drinks and food on time. Even gifts that are brought to the reception, the coordinator will place them properly and make them look nice, then help you put them into the back of a car after the reception. 

From the start to the end, a day-of coordinator can really help you organize your wedding and reduce your stress level immensely! Without stepping on your toes, they can ensure your wedding runs smoothly and exactly how you want it to go. 

Fantail Weddings would love to help you along with a day-of coordinator to make sure your day runs smoothly. Contact us here xx